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Who we are

We have an incredibly talented and diverse team with deep experience across videographic, photography, art, travelling and other different fields.
However, there is one common denominator, and that we all are passionate to make every beholder admire the steady and sublime beauty of nature,
when it stands untouched by civilization.

What we do

For the last 3 years our team is telling stories about nature around us like no
one else — transporting you to places you didn't know existed
and giving you feeling of the moment.
Breathtaking landscapes, amazing views of mountains, lakes and forests - a new worlds like never before, immersing you in time, place and motion.
Here's a new look at our latest productions - static meditative frames, copter shooting and time lapse technique — with much more to come.
Welcome to our Siberian nature live.

place among the 55 HD TV channels
(for viewing time)

*on the evidence by GOOD LINE Communication Provider's Analysis Center

Up to 1 million active TV viewers from Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Israel, Germany, France, Ukraine, USA, Georgia, Armenia, Great Britain, Netherlands, Belarus, Bulgaria, Estonia.
minutes of new Full-frame HD сontent, amazing like never before. Each month.
ads, news, words and any other chatter in TV broadcast. Unlike other nature TV channels, we let Siberia`s Nature speak for itself!
Get inspired on real Siberia!
The frozen world of the Baikal lake
The frozen world of the Baikal lake
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The infinite beauty of the Altay mountains
The infinite beauty of the
Altay mountains
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Colors of Northern Siberia
Colors of Northern Siberia
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